Compassionate Technologies at 2nd Responsible Business Summit West 2018

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Arya Dahal

At Compassionate Technologies, we strive to conduct groundbreaking foundational research, develop compassionate business methods, and metrics and set high journalistic standards for ourselves and others. Developing positively as an organization for the benefit of our society doesn't happen in a vacuum and requires a concerted national and global effort from individuals and businesses.

Therefore, Compassionate Technologies is joining Ethical Corporation's 2nd Responsible Business Summit West on November 13th and 14th in San Diego, California. To tackle increasing complex social and ethical business issues in an increasing digital world, the conference focuses on three key themes: social impact through communication and collaboration, climate action and data, privacy and trust in the digital age. The conference brings together over 200 attendees and over 80 executive-level speakers including our very own Olivia Jeffers, our founder and CEO. We are looking forward to share in developing ethical business policies and practices for our modern world.

On Tuesday, Olivia is a panelist on "The Chatham House Fake News and Transparency Workshop" from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm PST. Other participants include Alan Learde of Limelight Health and Sam Breen of Relativity6 as panelists and Dr. Priya Kannan-Narasimhan of the University of San Diego School of Business as the moderator. The panel will lead workshop discussions on news, fake news,and the ethics and business models of publishing on the new digital medium.

On Wednesday, Olivia will be moderating "Progressive Leadership Keynote: The need for leadership on free speech and responsible content online" from 9:35 am to 10:05 am PST. This panel will discuss's relation to the recent mass shooting in Pittsburgh –focusing on the tensions between free speech, responsible online content, and the degree of corporate obligation to the health and safety of consumers. Panelists for this keynote include Mike Pinkerton of ModSquad and Steve Zelinger of TixCorp. See agenda for more detail on both of these panels.

We hope these two panels and the conference as a whole will provide ample space for learning and growth in developing compassionate, ethical, and effective business practices worldwide.

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