Vision and Values

Compassionate Technologies Charter

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Olivia Jeffers

Mission Statement

Compassionate Technologies aims to nurture human and technological growth through interdisciplinary research, development of compassionate business practices, and multi-media publishing.

Vision Statement

Imagine a future where you never have to doubt if your attention or data are being manipulated, where technologies are developed for both profit and compassionate stewardship of the earth and human experience. This is the future we aim to create with Compassionate Technologies.

Basic Charter

To accomplish these goals, Compassionate Technologies provides the following services:

  1. Conducting and/or brokering original and foundational research (‘Foundational Research’)
  2. Develop methods and metrics for businesses (‘Compassionate Business’)
  3. Encourage ethical and educational storytelling through media (‘Journalistic Standards’)

Foundational Research (‘Emotive Biometrics’, ‘Brain Mapping’)
Connecting the deepest levels of research across disciplines to break new ground in our understanding of the human experience and technologies.

Compassionate Business (‘Compassion Index’)
Evaluates companies based on their sustainability reports, HR policies, financial transparency, etc., and publishing the list.

Journalistic Standards (‘Compassiona.Tech’, ‘Executive Briefs’, ‘Editorial Magazine’)
Evaluates articles and publishing companies based on their accuracy, emotional balance, headlines, etc. Creating original content that exemplifies our Journalistic Standards for both the technology industry executive and general audience. Training and promoting new science writers fresh out of graduate research programs.

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